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Men 'brawl' over a skinny latte outside Pret a Manger coffee shop

Customers came for coffee, but left with piping hot tea.

Woman fined in court after being thrown out of boyfriend's bedroom naked

This bedroom bust-up proved embarrassing and expensive: Naomi Pickwick was arrested after she used two kitchen knives to hammer on Dominic Barbour's door following a domestic dispute about how he...

'Dead' man discovered alive — 8 months after being cremated

He was literally a dead man walking.

I'm 24 and my husband is 85 — we want to start a family

"I don't care if he's 100 or 55, I like him for him," Miracle Pogue, 24, says of hubby, Charles, 85. "I thought he was maybe 60 or 70 because...

I was 'humiliated' at Universal: 'Breasts make people uncomfortable'

It was universally uncomfortable for everyone: "Smaller women can wear whatever they want — having big breasts however gets sexualized."

Teen lands bizarre hole in one — in his butt: How docs got it out

The 14-year-old boy was advised "against inserting further objects into his rectum in the future."

Mucinex mascot 'Mr.Mucus' has officially become a sex symbol

He's snot your average heartthrob.

Man sues woman for $2.2M because she won't date him: 'Damaged my rep'

The man filed two lawsuits against the woman after she rejected his romantic advances -- claiming she caused him "emotional trauma."

Zoo-goer throws water bottle at chimpanzee — and the chimp hits back: video

A tourist threw a plastic water bottle into a chimpanzee’s enclosure at a zoo in China — provoking the animal to strike back.

My husband spells and says our baby's name wrong and I can't stand it

Most parents care very much what their baby's name is, putting in consideration and effort into the selection, spelling and pronunciation.

Woman found lookalike online — and killed her to fake own death: prosecutors

The brutal and bizarre case has been dubbed "the doppelganger murder" by media.

I gave birth to my daughter alone — while I was stuck in traffic

A Georgia woman is going viral after she was forced to give birth alone in a car while stuck in traffic.

I'm an ex-banker 'genderless dragon' — now my son won't talk to me

They made their body modification fantasy a reality — at the expense of family.

Man breaks fist-bump world record: 'We bled, we sweated, we bruised'

He was trying to shatter the world record one fist bump at a time. Serial world record-breaker David Rush has shattered the world record for most fist bumps.

Food blogger fined $18.5K for grilling and eating great white shark

The foodie can be seen ripping off chunks of shark flesh before cooking the apex predator's noggin in a hotpot like a ghoulish bouillabaisse.

I grew up in a cult with my dad, 5 moms and 44 siblings — I loved my childhood

"But there were certain key points in my life where the religion became very detrimental to my development. When you have 50 people in your family, there's a lot of...

I sent my grandma a desk from Amazon — but she got a sex toy instead

Amanda Reed posted a TikTok clip to explain her predicament earlier this month -- and it has since gained nearly 2 million views.

Girl, 5, survives after drunk driver rams her through window of driving school

A five-year-old girl is lucky to be alive after getting rammed into by a drunk driver — which sent her flying through the window of a driving school.

Poop-covered van Dyck painting found in NY shed sells for $3M

They literally turned crap into gold. The heavily soiled portrait was first found in a shed upstate — and scooped up for just $600.

I got a car key lodged in my face — doctors were amazed by the freak accident

Shocking photos show the gory injury, as X-rays revealed it was nestled into her cheek, an inch-and-a-half deep into her nasal cavity and below her eye.