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'Tranquilizer challenge' ODs land 15 grade school students in hospital

"As a rule, girls and boys shouldn't have social media accounts — it's bad to start with,” Mayor Alejandro Navarro declared in a public health alert.

Mucinex mascot 'Mr.Mucus' has officially become a sex symbol

He's snot your average heartthrob.

TikTok violated policy by receiving $4.3M for weight loss ads: whistleblowers

Users are ticked off that social media giant TikTok allegedly received millions in exchange for diet culture ads on the platform, according to whistleblowers.

'This is 13 years of raising kids': Mom makes shocking discovery inside couch

TikToker Kacie is a busy mum juggling four kids and running her own business, so the shocking discovery she made inside her sofa recently... kind of makes sense.

Single women are shopping for 'husband material' at Home Depot

The women of TikTok have discovered the perfect spot to window shop for single men: Home Depot. "Delete the dating apps in 2023," one single lady wrote. "I'm headed to...

'Birthing makeup' divides women on TikTok as moms go 'full glam' for labor and delivery

Some mothers appear to be getting their makeup done before the birth of their children, and the decision has stirred lots of discussion on social media.

Parents say Andrew Tate's toxic misogyny warping teens' minds

Teachers and parents told The Post how toxic influencer Andrew Tate — recently arrested on charges of rape and human trafficking in Romania — is shaping the minds of kids as young...

Cop kicked off force for OnlyFans now makes $27K a month as 'filthy MILF'

“Other guys are always asking me if we can hook up, including some of my ex-colleagues, which is hilarious," gushed the self-proclaimed "Ex Cop turned FILTHY MILF Model."

I gave myself henna freckles — but ended up looking like Fiona from 'Shrek'

Married mom of one scared her baby, shocked her husband and shrieked aloud after accidentally turning her skin green during a failed attempt to recreate TikTok trend.

Influencer admits mistake after viral callout of man at gym: 'Sick to my stomach with guilt'

Fernandez went viral for posting a video about a man at the gym who she claimed was staring at her "like a piece of meat."

Pretty privilege isn't a curse, it's just 'baseless hoe s--t'

This “pretty privilege” beef is getting pretty ugly. 

'Intersectional climate scientist' says 'white supremacy' causing climate change

An "intersectional climate scientist" compared pollution to the "fart of a dog" when explaining her approach to thinking about climate change.

I got revenge on a plane passenger who kept opening my window shade

New York real estate agent Eric Goldie was just plane fed up with a fellow passenger reaching into his row to open the window on a flight — so he...

Doomsday Clock reset: World now faces ‘unprecedented danger’

Get your apocalypse survival kit ready: The world is the closest to the end of days as it has ever been, scientists warn.

My husband put a creepy face filter on me during labor — and posted video online

"POV: You're in labor and think your husband is getting sentimental footage for you to look back on," she wrote in white text over the video.

Girl asks police to investigate Santa Claus, sends in DNA evidence

A young investigator in Rhode Island asked the Cumberland Police Department to investigate the identity of Santa Claus and even sent in DNA evidence.

I'm a self-made millionaire —$200K is chump change if you're a guy in your 20s

'If you're a guy in your 20s and you don't have a Lamborghini, you should actually sit down and have like a serious discussion with yourself," scoffed Sebastian Ghiorghiu, 24.

New AI app slammed for allowing users to chat with Hitler and Jesus

Historical Figures became available on Apple's App Store earlier this month and is climbing the charts in the "Education" category.

Andrew Tate prison plea: 'Cockroaches, lice and bed bugs are my only friends'

"They're trying to break me," the influencer, currently jailed over sex-trafficking allegations, claims in "first email from imprisonment."

TikTok’s latest hangover hack has users dunking their faces in ice water

Hungover? There's a TikTok hack for that!