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My boyfriend dumped me and put me in a hotel — here’s what happened next

One woman was welcomed with open arms by a Hilton Doubletree hotel after getting dumped by her long-distance boyfriend.

I dated a guy for 6 weeks, then found out he's married — here's how

"I was suddenly seeing all the red flags from the love bombing we know all too well," she confessed to The Post.

I married my high school bully – he teased me every day but I forgave him

A woman decided to forgive her high school bully who teased her daily — by saying "I do."

Gillian Anderson wants to know your wildest sex fantasies: 'Tell me'

Don't worry, the "Sex Education" star isn't compiling these lusty letters for her own personal "seX-files."

My cheapskate ex charged me for a banana -- that I ate at his mom's house

She vented about it in a TikTok series she calls "Men r weird with $$$." The videos have nabbed millions of views.

Men treat me so differently — depending on my hair color

A TikToker went viral after sharing a video discussing how people treated her differently depending on her hair color.

My Central Park proposal went viral — I was horrified by the nasty reactions

"The younger generation has started to become the older generation on social media with no regard for other people's feelings," Linn Ekebom vented.

Wife attacks Thai sex worker she found having sex with her husband

This is the shocking moment a furious wife attacked a naked sex worker she caught romping with her husband.

Almost 20% of singles run a background check on their dates: poll

The survey of 1,000 singles, conducted in December by the Thriving Center of Psychology, comes as 127 million adults report being unattached.

I have a husband and a boyfriend — trolls call me selfish, but I don't care

"Apparently I'm selfish, egotistical, delusional, narcissistic, and I should let them go," the TikToker captioned the clip.

I accidentally ruined my boyfriend's proposal 4 times — how he finally did it

"You can see in the photo on our walk on the fourth attempt, he literally had his hand in his pocket on the ring," Frankie Clark revealed.

Single women are shopping for 'husband material' at Home Depot

The women of TikTok have discovered the perfect spot to window shop for single men: Home Depot. "Delete the dating apps in 2023," one single lady wrote. "I'm headed to...

'Post-sex blues' is real — yhy people feel so sad after sex revealed by therapist

A clinical psychologist says she's seeing an uptick in the number of people experiencing feelings of extreme anxiety and sadness after having sex.

Bride takes revenge on her exes — with surprise at her wedding

The bride wanted the men to "see what they're missing."

We fell in love over 360 tattoos and 54 piercings — trolls can't break us

This couple bonded over bizarre body modification and constantly get trolled online — but they’re too in love to care.

After years of dating app hell, this movie made me completely rethink marriage

Question, if you’re single and had the option to never have to swipe left or right again … would you take it?

Gwyneth Paltrow's Valentine's Day gift guide puts the 'Goop' in lube

The Goop founder, 49, released Valentine's Day goodies for lovers seeking to create a buzz in the bedroom.

We live 9,000 miles apart and only met twice — but we're engaged

"The biggest thing is trusting each other, especially when you're far away from each other," Sarah Dorough confessed.

Like Brooklyn Beckham, I'm a 'one of the girls' husband -- and I love it

"I’m secure enough in my masculinity to be able to have fun, let loose and enjoy things with my wife and her friends," says one man.