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My wife thought she had 'baby brain' — it was deadly cancer

"All she wanted was to be a mom, be there for Sienna's 18th, and watch her get married," Alan Johnstone recalled of his "childhood sweetheart."

I'm 21 and my daughter's 15 — her teachers never take me seriously

Unlike her Gen Z cohorts, 21-year-old Hunter Nelson, isn’t a wild party animal. Instead she’s a full-time parent to her teenager.

After 4 years of 'gentle parenting,' I'm completely burned out

A mom shared a pressing parenting concern on Reddit recently — and asked for help.

My hormones were feeding my unborn baby -- and a melon-sized cyst

A pregnant mom discovered her baby wasn’t the only thing growing in her stomach.

I gave birth to my daughter alone — while I was stuck in traffic

A Georgia woman is going viral after she was forced to give birth alone in a car while stuck in traffic.

Woman calls for the creation of ‘adult-only’ suburbs

The TikTok user, who goes by the name Baby Soja online, uploaded the video over the weekend.

'Am I a monster?': I can't remember my kids as babies

Many of us can't remember our childhood. But one mom has revealed that she actually doesn't remember her own kid's childhoods, or rather — them as young children.

Dad slammed for complaining the mom of his twins treats him 'like an ATM' on maternity leave

A dad of four-month-old twins has been slammed by social media users as a “deadbeat” for complaining that his partner, home on maternity leave, is “always nagging” him for money....

Like Emily Ratajkowski, I'm a mom who brings my baby to work

Mommy's job is more fun than day care.

Almost 25% of millennials' parents cover their rent: poll

More than three in 10 (35%) adults admit they still have at least one bill on their parents’ tab.

I'm a sexy first grade teacher — I block thirsty dads from my TikTok

"I felt sorry for them!" Diana Laura Castañeda declared of her pupils' pervy parents.

I'd want doctors to save me not my baby if anything went wrong during labor

Mom Shelbie Lenora, has gone against popular opinion and shared her point of view on what she would do if a doctor had to choose between her baby during labor, or...

Proposed lead limits for baby food under fire: 'FDA hasn’t done enough'

"These action levels could result in as much as a 24-27% reduction in exposure to lead from these foods," FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said.

I lost my legs jumping in front of a snowplow to save my daughters

A veteran lost his legs trying to save his two daughters from a motorized snowplow.

My 5-year-old is obese — I have to lock her out of the kitchen

One mom from The United Kingdom has resorted to putting a baby gate on her kitchen so that her daughter, who has Prader-Willi syndrome, can't get to the food.

I'm a stripper - I returned to work 5 days after giving birth

A new mom is getting tips -- but not the kind you might think.

I have a dozen kids under 12 and over 200 animals— here’s how I don’t go broke

She's putting the "cheap" in "cheaper by the dozen."

My mom won't babysit her grandchild unless I pay her $20 an hour plus overtime

As new parents, *Nina and her husband are struggling for money.

I'm a trans dad and breastfeed my baby — haters who say I'm an unfit parent need to back off

"Just because I transitioned does not mean I stripped myself from wanting to give my child nutrients," said Tanius Posey.

I still breastfeed my 5-year-old son — people say that's 'abuse' but I don't care

"I never thought I'd be breastfeeding my child aged 5, but I'm like any other mom doing the best I can for my children," said Lauren McLeod.