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Dear Abby: I cheated on my husband and gave him an STI

Dear Abby advises a woman who feels guilty for cheating on her husband and a man who misses his best friend.

We're twin sisters and now new moms — we gave birth on the same day

Celci and Delci both gave birth to their daughters, Esme and Noelle, in adjacent Arkansas hospital rooms on Jan. 31.

Teacher who made porn in classroom vows 'revenge' on 'friend' who exposed her

The mom of two was subsequently banned from OnlyFans when the story about her making adult content on school grounds became national news.

Boxer Alycia Baumgardner: 'I'm a beast in the ring and a beauty outside'

The Ford Model embraces her femininity while making her mark as a pugilist.

I’m a gut scientist — here are 10 ways your home is making you sick

Gut health expert Jordan Haworth revealed the 10 household items that have the most bacteria -- things that 70% of people aren't cleaning enough, he claimed.

I didn't tip on my Outback Steakhouse takeout — and got a rude 'tip' back

A restaurant worker allegedly scrawled a "passive-aggressive" message on her receipt, sparking a debate among TikTok viewers.

I got herpes on my face at a concert — and ended up in a hospital

An Australian woman has warned of the perils of concertgoing, after she contracted herpes on her forehead at a music festival in Melbourne.

Kids' robes sold on Amazon recalled over flammability risk

The Consumer Product Safety Commission posted four separate recalls, each of them issuing a warning that the robes pose "a risk of burn injuries to children."    

I took a 23andMe DNA test — and cops linked me to an unsolved murder

A California woman's genetic material has unlocked a cold case.

DC Comics teases new ‘trans man’ superhero ‘Circuit Breaker’

DC Comics recently revealed a new transgender superhero, "Circuit Breaker," whose own comic book series will debut this Valentine’s Day.

The one thing men do that kills a woman's libido

Journalist Jana Hocking sparks a hot debate on social media after stating that men who don't wear a condom can ruin a woman’s libido.

You can flush your ex down the toilet this Valentine's Day

Say goodbye to your crappy ex this Valentine’s Day.

Woman fined in court after being thrown out of boyfriend's bedroom naked

This bedroom bust-up proved embarrassing and expensive: Naomi Pickwick was arrested after she used two kitchen knives to hammer on Dominic Barbour's door following a domestic dispute about how he...

Keep food fresh with the best vacuum sealers of 2023, per an expert chef

Keep your food fresh with this awesome kitchen gadget.

I went dumpster diving and found thousands of makeup items in the trash

"It is from the AOA Studio store of makeup, oh, my gosh, it gets even crazier," she said.

Netflix password-sharing crackdown details released

To detect devices linked to the primary location of an account, the company said it utilizes IP addresses, device IDs and account activity. 

'Dead' man discovered alive — 8 months after being cremated

He was literally a dead man walking.

My husband suffered traumatic brain injury attempting a backflip at our wedding

A bride has revealed how her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury on the night of their wedding reception.

'Oldest dog ever,' Bobi, dethrones current Guinness World Records holder

There’s a new top dog now. Just two weeks after announcing Spike, a Chihuahua from Ohio, as the world's “oldest dog living,” Guinness World Records discovered an older dog that...

It took this man a year to recreate 15,000-mile 'Gump' run

Rob Pope, from Liverpool, England, ran 15,621 miles across the United States in an effort to re-create Tom Hanks' run in "Forrest Gump" — wild beard and all.