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Nun stops burglary with quick thinking and prayers: 'This is God's property'

A nun’s quick thinking and prayers led her to stop an attempted burglary at the Response to Love Center in Buffalo, New York which offers hot meals and guidance to...

Traveling couple 'blessed to be alive' after diving into ditch during tornado: video

Harrowing video captures them being forced to flee their RV and dive into a ditch to escape a rampaging tornado in Texas.

Woman, 100, shares her secret to long, happy life: Avoid 'strange men'

Olive Westerman celebrated her 100th birthday last week and is now sharing secrets to her long and happy life.

I have a dozen kids under 12 and over 200 animals— here’s how I don’t go broke

She's putting the "cheap" in "cheaper by the dozen."

Dad goes full dad-mode, flips out on would-be thieves in caught-on-camera rant: 'Get the f--k out'

A dad’s frustration at skyrocketing crime in his neighborhood has boiled over in a brilliant rant caught on camera.

I'm a triple amputee and a hot model — nothing holds me back

Ecuadorian model Victoria Salcedo, 26, was forced to have her limbs amputated after an accident involving an electrical wire.

World's tallest man feared stepping on, 'breaking' world's shortest man when they met

The world's tallest man revealed that he asked Guinness World Records officials to keep him away from the world's shortest man when they met back in 2014 because he feared...

'Bachelor' star reveals rare, debilitating diagnosis

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Megan Marx has revealed her shock at being diagnosed with a rare and debilitating condition. The celebrity took to social media to share with her followers...

Pennsylvania dad threatening to leave family group chat goes viral

A Pennsylvania family's group text chain is going viral after a daughter shared her father's hilarious "exit."

I thought my dad was dead for 31 years — finding the truth changed my life

The long-lost daughter now hopes to raise the funds to meet her father in person and take a paternity test.

He was a Popeyes meme at age 9 — now he's 18 and the chain sponsors him

A decade after his meme stream, Dieunerst Collin is embracing his widespread former — and unexpected — glory.

I was nicknamed 'Shovel Face' before I had life-changing jaw surgery

A make-up artist was called “shovel face” by bullies due to an extreme underbite, but thanks to jaw surgery, the cruel moniker no longer applies.

I spent 30 years wanting to be my wife — after she died I came out as trans

Cherylin Hall, 57, was born male in 1960s England and knew from an early age that she was trapped in the wrong body.

Heroic dad drowns saving 11-year-old daughter on vacation in Australia

A dad tragically drowned after attempting to save his 11-year-old daughter from drowning while on vacation in New South Wales, Australia.

I was a DoorDash driver — until I told customers they don't tip enough

"Multiple CLOWN Encounters!" the former driver captioned one clip, which has delivered more than 992,000 views on TikTok.

I went all out for my friend's baby shower — but no one showed up

A compassionate pal has gone viral after sharing that no one showed up to her best friend's baby shower — despite the fact that 17 guests had confirmed their attendance.

My husband is way hotter than me — people ask if I'm bothered by it

Author Hazel McBride says she has no shame in showing off her hot husband.

Cruel trolls say our disabled kids should be 'put down' because they'll die young

"Because we're on disability allowance, we've had people leave harsh comments such as: 'Can't wait to pay for these vegetables for the rest of my life,' " said devastated mom...

Celeb bowhunters fined $133K for 'worst ever poaching ring'

The celebrity bowhunting couple were sentenced last week in a federal court in what's being labeled the largest poaching case in the state's history.

I was brainwashed by toxic diet culture — now I celebrate my curves

"It was so toxic and extremely unhealthy," noted Karina Irby, who boasts 1.1 million Instagram followers. "Both mentally and physically."