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I live in NYC and I haven't used a fridge in a year — it's almost spiritual

This NYC man is too cool for his refrigerator — and he hasn't used one for over a year.

I flew to Italy to get pizza and the trip cost me less than a Domino's pie

It was a pie-in-the-sky scheme. A UK influencer flew to Italy and bought pizza -- all for less than the price of a Domino's pie.

South African shoppers fume as Hellmann's Original Mayonnaise pulled from shelves

Reaction from foodie fans has been explosive to news that one of America’s signature foods is being withdrawn from South African shelves. Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise, which has cult status in cities like...

Americans addicted to processed foods that could cause cancer: new studies

Researchers found convenience food eaters are potentially at a higher risk of cancer, while data also emerged suggesting Americans are addicted to processed junk foods.

'Father of Peeps' marshmallow candies, Ira 'Bob' Born, dies at 98

Ira “Bob” Born — also known as the “Father of Peeps” marshmallow candies — has died. He was 98.

Starbucks customer slammed for $2 tip refund request: 'I would die before asking'

A Starbucks customer's bold request for a tip refund has sparked heated debate.

Food blogger fined $18.5K for grilling and eating great white shark

The foodie can be seen ripping off chunks of shark flesh before cooking the apex predator's noggin in a hotpot like a ghoulish bouillabaisse.

Soda tax slashes obesity rates in young girls: UK study

A new study conducted by the University of Cambridge shows that the UK's soda tax reduced rates of obesity among sixth-grade girls — by about 5,000 fewer cases, they estimated.

Alcohol flush warns of deadly vascular disease: study

Roughly 8% of the global population experiences the drunken sensation due to an enzyme deficiency that affects how they metabolize alcohol.

I have three-course meals at Costco — and don’t spend a dime

One Costco shopper claims she saves a ton of money by indulging in free samples for most of her daily meals, which are much more elaborate than a bite or...

Burger King Whopper song's catchy lyrics become viral meme feeding frenzy

It was a whopping sensation.

Foodies flock to these countries for their stellar cuisine

Three in four Americans who have traveled in the last five years went for the food (74%), according to new research.

I deliver for Instacart — and I had the most awkward naked encounter

"I am laughing so hard at your descriptors," one TikTok commenter giggled. "I would die."

I work the Starbucks drive-thru — and I mistook a customer for a dog

The five-second clip's grande premiere Tuesday has driven over 775,000 views on TikTok.

Woman sues Fireball maker Sazerac for selling whiskey 'flavored’ alcohol

Plaintiff Anna Marquez filed a suit after discovering the drink is actually a malt beverage flavored like whiskey and not the real deal.

You could be paid $1,000 to eat cheese before bed

These researchers are not curding: Five "dairy dreamers" are sought to help figure out whether consuming cheese before bedtime leads to nightmares.

Pizza Hut breaks Guinness World Record for biggest pizza with arena-size pie

In the absence of a gargantuan oven, the giant pie had to be cooked in sections by a mobile broiler.

Experts reveal the reason why chip bags are only half full

Opening a bag of chips to find it only half full is always a disappointment, but it turns out the extra space actually serves a purpose. There’s even a name...

Maya Rudolph replaces M&M's spokescandies indefinitely amid ‘woke’ furor

Despite their recent redesign — which sparked uproar for being "too woke" and "less sexy" — M&Ms' animated candies are going back to the fridge for a while.

Zodiac signs by the slice: What pie are you, as per an astrologer?

In honor of the ephemeral nature of the mortal coil and the pie crust, we have curated a list of the zodiac signs as pie, because why the hell not.