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Hochul's 'moderate' budget plan still leaves New York on a path to fiscal doomsday

Progressives are eager to kill the Empire State's golden goose and feast on the corpse. It sure would've been nice if Hochul's opening offer was to bleed the poor bird...

SUNY needs its own DeSantis as a savior from woke insanity

We need a leader who will step in and save the State University of New York from woke madness with the same grit and calm as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Biden's sudden call for 'respect' is hollow and insulting

Spare us your fake pieties, Mr. President. Your definition of "respect" is "let me do whatever I want." It isn't rude to oppose your failures; it's respecting the American people.

This week in whoppers: WaPo's Ilhan Omar defense, WH student-loan nonsense and more

A Washington Post column claimed that Rep. Ilhan Omar was removed from the House Foreign Relations Committee because she is a Muslim.

New tactic: Hunter is the 'laptop from hell' victim

Hunter Biden isn’t a victim. He’s a con artist. One lie has been admitted.

Hochul takes a good step toward fixing bail laws — but not remotely enough to rein in crime

The gov's pushing in the right direction, but it seems New Yorkers will have needlessly high levels of crime for far too long before the Legislature agrees to fix all...

Joe’s classified-doc corruption, don’t fall for Omar’s whining and other commentary

From the right: Joe’s Classified-Doc Corruption Six in 10 voters think it’s likely Hunter Biden used info from the classified documents found in President Biden’s home to “sweeten his foreign...

Hochul calls for more charters for NYC, but she'll have to fight to get them

Good on Gov. Kathy Hochul for asking the Legislature to at last allow more charter schools in the city as part of this year's budget.

Disney's insane embrace of toxic '1619' lies

Viewers rightly furious over the project’s lies and distortions are already canceling their subscriptions. Good.

Sorry, progressives — The Post is no outlier in reporting the horrors your crime reforms have caused

Progressives in Albany pretend the truth on crime is hard to determine; their denial would be laughable if it didn't empower so much needless suffering.

Hochul liability veto is good for jobs

Gov. Kathy Hochul waited ’til the last day to do the right thing and veto the Grieving Families Act — whose proper name would be more like the Greedy Lawyers...

Big philanthropy’s money move, lame SCOTUS leak hunt and other commentary

“America’s richest foundations are pouring money” again into “a progressive organization, the Center for Tech and Civic Life.”

The West needs to heed Ukraine's now-or-never plea for faster military aid

Without more (and better) weapons delivered faster, the coming Russian offensive could do huge damage on Ukraine.

Don't blame the migrants, blame the lefty activists filling them with nonsense

Why do the migrants now refusing to give up on their luxury accommodations at the Watson Hotel act and sound suspiciously like American activists?

Elijah Mohammed street-naming: Just when you think the NYC Council couldn't go any lower

Just when you think the City Council couldn’t go lower, along comes Councilmember Kristin Jordan-Richardson looking to rename a Harlem street after Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad.

Remote income-tax time bomb, will Kat celebrate ‘oppression’ and other commentary

Former commuters now working from home in New Jersey and Connecticut still paying account for a ton of New York’s income-tax take — for now, warns the Empire Center’s E.J....

Don’t let parents voices, cries for charter schools fall on deaf Dem ears

Overwhelmingly, city Democratic parents support charter schools and want the state to lift the cap that prevents entirely new ones from opening, reports The Post’s Carl Campanile — yet most...

Fearmongers’ laughable defense, fact-checkers climate misinformation and other commentary

Racket’s Matt Taibbi eviscerates Hamilton 68’s pathetic response to his Twitter Files exposé, which showed the group falsely treated hundreds of real Twitter users as Russian bots.

Juvenile justice reform is a farce for crime victims

Let's not let the criminal-justice system's failure in the case of Adam Klotz’s subway beating fade from view without emphasizing the obvious.

Adams, Banks are refusing to fight for good public schools on multiple fronts

Mayor Bill de Blasio then went to war on those schools — and the Eric Adams administration keeps blinking on undoing the damage.