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Hunter Biden's legal threats have no merit — and raise serious constitutional and political questions

Months after The Post’s October 2020 reporting, Hunter Biden was warning reporters his “alleged” laptop might be Russian disinformation — or it might be his. On Wednesday, Hunter Biden admitted...

Fix is in: FBI bungling case against Biden over top-secret documents

The FBI has adopted an approach that would compromise or complicate any criminal charge.

Forget classified docs, show us the real haul of Biden's records in Delaware

Biden has one major test awaiting him on his pledge: his senatorial records.

It was not race, but bad policing that led to deadly beating of Tyre Nichols

What is most clear is that the officers all deserved to be fired and that justice is being done.

In Biden documents scandal, DOJ shows justice is not only blind — it's dumb

The Department of Justice allowed potentially uncleared and unnamed private counsel to search for classified material after the discovery of the highly classified documents in the Penn Biden Center office.

Biden uses his lawyers to find his classified docs — to shield from the FBI

The White House’s virtual mantra that the president “takes classified documents very seriously” seems unlikely.

Don't buy Biden's 'surprise' — classified documents were moved at least twice

Democrats and the media are eager to wave this away. But, as the statements of Garland and Biden show, there are many questions that need answering.

Biden may have taken secret documents for his book — doubling his hypocrisy

How will President Biden explain the documents found at a private office supplied by the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement? For the moment, he is not saying anything...

The liberal media’s cynical gaslighting on House probes into Hunter Biden

"It does sound personal": NBC's “Meet the Press” host’s words capture the new narrative in Washington as the House readies the investigation into the Biden family’s foreign influence peddling.

The targeting of Ginni and Clarence Thomas proved just another exercise in liberal rage

Now the entire investigation of Ginni Thomas ended as it began: as a largely recreational exercise. It did prove one thing. What many people in this age of rage refuse...

Europe’s 'anti-hate' laws and arrests a warning for free speech in US

The United Kingdom is an example of the slippery slope of speech criminalization that inevitably took them to “thought crimes,” even criminal prayers.

Will Justice target SBF’s activist parents to put pressure on the crypto kid?

The prosecutors may have the ultimate inducement for a plea to dangle over Bankman-Fried — actually two: Bankman and Fried.

Biden allies move to intimidate witnesses ahead of GOP's coming Hunter probe

Hunter Biden may have collected millions in selling access and influence, but anyone investigating or accusing the Bidens is now fully warned: Proceed at your own peril.

Twitter — and Democrats — lied, lied and lied again about censorship

Many liberals had denied the social-media giant was engaging in censorship by using the more pleasant term "content modification."

Twitter files reveal familiar name in Hunter Biden laptop scandal

For many, James Baker is fast becoming the Kevin Bacon of the Russian collusion scandals.

Lefty demands for Amy Coney Barrett's recusal over religion are absurd

Liberal academics and pundits have decried Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s participation in the case 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis because of her religion.

AP's shameless claim that Joe Biden never discussed Hunter's business deals defies belief

The Associated Press story shows that even pointing at the elephant — heck, even riding the elephant around the stage — will not dislodge these denials.

The midterms' winners and losers — and why the 'giddy' White House should worry

The midterm elections proved captivating as one followed races district by district throughout the night. The true winners and losers, however, go beyond the individual officeholders.

GOP-controlled House has plenty to investigate on 'Big Guy' Joe Biden

While Biden may or may not be the subject of an impeachment, a Republican-controlled House has plenty to investigate and impeachment is unlikely his greatest fear.

How Elon Musk should shape Twitter — sans the sink

Musk could show up at Twitter with precisely the standard long dismissed by censorship advocates — and then let that sink in.