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Hunter Biden's ridiculous legal letter is trying to distract from the real scandal — his dad

The president’s troubled, unstable son is beside the point, except to the extent that his supposed business acumen was the pretext for these money flows.

Biden's blame-shifting classified docs excuses make scandal worse

President Biden's claim about his inadvertent misplacement of classified documents is not a defense to felony mishandling of national defense intelligence.

Don't believe the Secret Service doesn't know who visits Biden's house — it's Congress' job to find out

Don’t rely on the good graces of the White House or, more broadly, the Biden administration, for details pertinent to the president’s mishandling of classified information.

Biden already admitted guilt — he's just betting Garland doesn't prosecute him, or Trump

In the America we want, there should be equal justice under the law for everyone, including President Biden. Alas, that is not the America we have at the moment.

Liberal media are trying to protect the feds from the much-needed House weaponization committee

There is no more urgent matter for the new Republican House majority to direct its attention to than the conversion of the federal government into a progressive cudgel against civil...

Criminal referral may have helped Trump — by politicizing DOJ's decision

Like much of the House January 6 committee’s proceedings, its final meeting on Monday, featuring dramatic criminal referrals of the former president of the United States, was theater. In connection...

How the FBI's nod and a wink got social media to censor The Post's Hunter Biden reporting

Stop looking for a smoking gun. That’s not how this game works.

Special counsel shows cynical Democrats want to string along a wounded Trump

Donald Trump’s life is about to get very unpleasant.

Kudos to John Durham for exposing the truth of 'Russiagate'

John Durham is experienced and honorable enough to know that his only chance of prevailing is to show the jury that he is uncovering government misconduct and incompetence, not concealing...

Utter proof the FBI framed Trump and shielded Hunter Biden

The trial is highlighting the FBI’s shocking malfeasance in the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe, which it codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Hunter Biden's end game: It’s about far more than him

Let’s not worry our pretty little heads about such things. After all, it’s just Hunter’s “tax matter,” right?

Biden's $420B student loan boondoggle is blatantly illegal — but progressives don't care

The Congressional Budget Office says the price tag for President Biden’s constitutionally illiterate, fiscally reckless, socially divisive student debt cancelation will exceed $420 billion. It’s staggering, it’s infuriating — and...

John Durham's final act: exposing the FBI

Durham is gearing up for his last trial: the prosecution of Igor Danchenko, the principal source for the discredited Steele dossier.

How the DOJ has built a case against Trump for obstruction

If the evidence of obstruction of justice against former President Donald Trump proved to be convincing, there’s a very good chance the government would indict.

Reading between the redacted lines: What affidavit tells us about DOJ's Trump intentions

Predictably, it was much nothing about ado. To what should be the surprise of no one, the Justice Department so thoroughly redacted the affidavit supporting the FBI’s raid of Donald...

Trump raid not about classified documents -- it's about Jan. 6

The court-authorized search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate is another unmistakable signal that the Justice Department is trying to build a criminal case against him.

Democrats are pressuring Merrick Garland to make an anti-Trump case he doesn't have

Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice are wrongfully going after former President Donald Trump's election lawyers John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark.

Prosecute Lee Zeldin's attacker in fed court -- it's the only way to get justice

The potentially deadly assault on Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin in upstate New York may be the best illustration of why it is so vital that he be elected.

The Jan. 6 incitement case against Trump only gets stronger

In the wake of devastating testimony from an aide to his chief of staff, will the Justice Department indict former President Donald Trump?

Durham lost because he treated the FBI as a dupe -- rather than a Clinton collaborator

What was the role of the FBI? In the Russiagate probe, in which Special Counsel John Durham has been tasked with getting to the bottom of the Trump-Russia “collusion” farce,...