FDNY lieutenant thanks fallen firefighter William Moon’s widow for life-saving organ

An FDNY lieutenant received a life-saving lung transplant from fallen firefighter William “Billy” Moon — and, in a heartfelt tribute from his hospital bed, thanked the hero’s widow for donating her late husband’s organs.

Lt. Terrence Jordan is among five people — and two members of New York’s Bravest — to whom Moon’s organs were donated after the 47-year-old dad of two died during a training accident at his Brooklyn firehouse in December.

In an exclusive report set to air on “NBC Nightly News” Thursday at 6:30 p.m. ET, Jordan told Moon’s widow, Kristina, that he feels 30 years younger after coming out of surgery with a new pair of healthy lungs.

“We just wanted to say that we think you’re an incredible person and thank you so much,” Jordan told Kristina Moon from the hospital, with his wife by his side.

“You know in our darkest hour you came through and you gave myself and four other people the gift of life, and we wanted to thank you and tell you that we love you,” he said, according to a clip of the report obtained by The Post.

Firefighter William P. Moon
Firefighter William Moon was killed after he plummeted 20 feet during a training in December.

The grieving widow told Jordan she was elated that her late husband’s lungs were donated to a fellow FDNY firefighter.

“You’re so welcome, and thank you for everything you did,” she said.

“I think it’s meant to be the way it worked out and the match. So, I’m really happy for you.  And you look great.”

Moon was a member of the FDNY’s elite Rescue Company 2, which is trained to respond to the most dangerous emergencies in the Big Apple, including reaching trapped window washers and construction workers buried under collapsed or downed buildings.

The 21-year veteran was getting ready for a skyscraper rescue drill at Rescue Company 2 on Sterling Place near Howard Avenue in Ocean Hill when he fell the two-story drop.

FDNY Lieutenant Terrence Jordan and his wife.
FDNY Lieutenant Terrence Jordan received Moon’s lungs.
Kristina in an interview.
Kristina told Jordan she was elated that Moon’s lungs were donated to a fellow FDNY firefighter.

He sustained a serious head injury and was monitored for five days before it became clear he would not survive.

Moon was kept on life support until his organs were harvested for donation.

At his funeral, he was remembered as a true hero who continued to save lives even in death.

Moon joined the FDNY on May 5, 2002 and worked at Ladder Company 133 for 20 years before the department reassigned him to Rescue Company 2. He was also a member of the Islip Volunteer Fire Department on Long Island and served as their Chief of Department in 2017.

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Family of moon at his funeral.
Moon leaves behind wife Christina, son Colin and daughter Brianna.
Fellow firefighters come to the NYC Medical Examiners office for the dignified transfer of fallen FDNY firefighter William P. Moon.
Five people benefited from Moon’s organ donations.
Funeral for FDNY William Moon.
Moon was remembered as a true hero who continued to save lives even in death.

Moon leaves behind wife, Kristina, and two children, daughter Brianna and son Colin.

“He describes himself as being cool, being awesome and the smartest in the world,” Colin said wearing his father’s dress uniform at the packed December funeral in Bay Shore.

“I will never forget how he taught me to roller skate,” the boy said. “My name is Colin Moon and I love him so much.”