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Maintain your New Year health goals with Blue Apron’s Wellness menu

New Year’s resolutions — they’re all fun and games until you realize how hard it is to stick to your newfound goals (or in some cases, goals you’ve had for a lifetime). 

For many, “eat better,” “lose weight” and “exercise more” are all at the top of their resolution lists but with the first month of the year in our rearview mirror, many of us may be feeling a little burnt out with diets and workout plans. Instead, consider trying Blue Apron

When it comes to healthy eating, half of the battle is not letting yourself buy your favorite bag of potato chips during your weekly grocery store run. With a meal delivery kit service like Blue Apron that offers balanced Wellness recipes with quality ingredients, you can eliminate the urge to eat poorly. 

Blue Apron’s Wellness menu features nutritionist-approved recipes that fit you and your unique goals — from Carb Conscious and WW (formally Weight Watchers) recommended options to vegetarian meals and more. In turn, giving you the opportunity to discover all the benefits of home cooking while feeding your body wholesome, nutritious ingredients that will help you reach your goals.  

So often when we’re on a health kick, the last thing you want to do is spend hours prepping boring meals, shopping for specific ingredients at the store, or worse, counting calories at your local restaurant so you can get a quick meal in after a long day. With Blue Apron, you can eliminate all of those obstacles. The meal delivery company will send you every ingredient you need! Which means less food waste and less time thinking about what you’re eating next. The biggest decision you need to make is choosing the meals you want to make each week (which is the best part for many!) and even then, you can also opt to have the company randomly select your meals, too. 

Blue Apron recipe card
Blue Apron

While most recipes from the Wellness menu take about 35 minutes or less to make, the brand also offers Heat & Eat Wellness meals that just require less time to prepare if you’re short on time after a workout. Blue Apron also features add-ons like an arugula salad with tomato, chive dressing and everything bagel seasoning, black bean soup, blueberry overnight oats with peanut butter and more — that are great to have on hand throughout the week. 

The Blue Apron Wellness menu is constantly changing but some delicious meals that Blue Apron offers include: 

  • Sweet and spicy shrimp with brown rice, cilantro sauce and peanuts 
  • Za’atar chicken bowl with warm farro salad and creamy feta dressing 
  • Yuzu-orange glazed salmon with roasted vegetables
  • Mexican grain bowl with barley, salsa and lime mayo 

Not only do these meals sound tasty, but in addition to flavorful recipes, Blue Apron also puts thoughtfully sourced, fresh, premium ingredients at the forefront of their company. 

Blue Apron, starting at $7.99 per serving

Family outside eating Blue Apron
Blue Apron

The Wellness menu is currently being offered for servings of two and four (with an unlimited amount of recipes you can order each week) and costs as low as $7.99 per meal. Even better, for a limited time new customers can enjoy up to 16 free meals across six orders (a $130 value) plus, free shipping on your first order, exclusive to New York Post readers.

If you’re struggling to make healthy eating less boring, consider Blue Apron. Not only will you be able to maintain and achieve your New Year’s resolutions but you’ll be making intricate and fun meals, too. If you’re still not sold, check out our standalone review on Blue Apron meal delivery kits here.

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